You are a highly motivated and responsible executive, but have you paused to contemplate your own career or professional development? Often more inclined to change jobs than to reflect on your current job and behavior, you may have gotten to where you are without addressing your own strengths, limitations, and development needs.

What's in it for me?

Executive coaching integrates professional development and planning with personal development. Our executive coaching engages with you in customized ways to help you know yourself better. Coaching helps you slow down, gain awareness, and get feedback on the effects of your words and actions. It is active learning that

  • Identifies essential communication and relationship skills
  • Reduces destructive behaviors and enhances teamwork
  • Helps you adapt to new responsibilities
  • Aligns your personal goals to the organization’s goals
  • Integrates personal development and organizational needs

How does Patterson Enterprises work for me?

We customize our process and techniques to your needs and situation, but each coaching session involves confidential one-on-one contracting, assessment, interpretation, feedback, and coaching sessions:

  • Initial one-on-one session to establish goals for the coaching
  • Confidential assessments handled on-line
  • Confidential respondent feedback handled by phone
  • One-on-one sessions you schedule to interpret results and create an action plan
  • On-going coaching and monitoring

We use a 360-degree feedback tool that is a comprehensive assessment of the critical competencies and behaviors required of executives in the 21st century.

A 360-degree assessment gives you job-specific performance feedback from people in your “impact circle”: superiors, peers, direct-reports, board members, vendors, and others related to you—as well as a self assessment.

This assessment results in a customized tool and a means of profiling your performance and charting a course for development, as well as a benchmark for measuring professional and personal growth. You work with a professional coach to review results, interpret outcomes, and design a detailed action plan based on your personal and professional goals.

What's my investment?

Pricing varies with the range of our services. But we carefully assess your needs before contracting and price separately for each project. This means you’ll always know the project scope and your costs up front.

How do I start?

To make Patterson Enterprises your personal management coach, call Hal Patterson today at (303) 692-9588 or email him. Your request will get a quick response.

Patterson Enterprises, Ltd.  |  Denver, CO 80210  |  Phone: (303) 692-9588

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