Patterson Enterprises brings the right skills to the project at the right time, at a lower cost than you may expect. Since 1990 Patterson Enterprises has helped organizations lead, grow and prosper. Whether you need to improve operational performance, engage in strategic thinking, search for people, or get the most from your employees, Patterson Enterprises addresses your company’s needs now with innovative, practical solutions.

Patterson Enterprises is a leadership, management and coaching company dedicated to helping executives, management teams and individual contributors learn and implement customized leadership and communication practices critical to not only surviving but thriving in a rapidly changing environment. Leadership practices include:

  • Strategic planning:

    • Experience the value of identifying your company vision, mission and values; link operational goals/objectives to strategic results.

  • Performance management/evaluation:

    • Performance management can be one of your most valuable leadership tools yet it is probably one of the most misused creating more problems than solutions. Our process involves three on-going cyclical steps:

      • Step 1: Plan for performance

      • Step 2: Quarterly reviews & coaching

      • Step 3: Review performance and plan for the next year

  • Human resource practices:

    • Crafting company HR policies & procedures

    • Department start-up

    • Staffing, recruitment & retention; writing job descriptions

    • Orientation & on-boarding

    • Employee relations

    • Compensation & benefits

  • Governance & board development:

    • Responsibilities of a board, individual board members and chair person

    • Role of the board in strategic planning

    • Committees

    • Relationship with the company chief executive officer

    • Role in company succession planning

    • Structure; job descriptions & board review of itself

  • Training and development

    • Customized program and curriculum development

    • Train-the-trainer/facilitation skills

    • Developing staff

    • Interpersonal communications skills

    • Presentation skills

  • Team and individual communication skills/techniques.

    • Stages of team development

    • Ground rules & expectations

    • Individual personalities affect team effectiveness

    • Team member roles & responsibilities


What's my investment?

Pricing varies with the range of our services. We carefully assess your needs before contracting and price separately for each project. This means you’ll always know the project scope and your costs up front.

How do I start?

Call Hal Patterson today at (303) 692-9588 or email him. Your request will get a quick response.

Patterson Enterprises, Ltd.  |  Denver, CO 80210  |  Phone: (303) 692-9588

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