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Enhance communications between you, your boss and your organization:

  1. Bring value to your organization by taking the initiative to upgrade your skills
  2. Bring value to your organization through your professional development
  3. Career Options for Today’s Administrator.
  4. Position yourself to improve your marketability within your organization
  5. Using Board retreats to craft strategic & operational plans

Take charge of your career rather than letting “someone else” make career decisions for you:

  1. Take charge of your career: Balance your professional and personal life
  2. Mapping your career: Are you prepared to be career self-reliant?
  3. Job search skills and strategies
  4. Crafting and using your self-marketing portfolio
  5. Your personal data base of information: An essential for life-long career management
  6. Employment agreements: A win-win communication tool to strengthen the relationship with your boss
  7. Career Options for today’s manager

Improving your leadership and management skills

  1. Improving communicate with your boss using performance management techniques
  2. Hiring the best and keeping them: It is possible!
  3. Great Staffing: It is possible!
  4. Planning and confidently making presentations that get your point across and engage the audience
  5. Change in inevitable! How we deal with it is up to each of us
  6. Strategic 360 Degree Review – A Key Feedback Tool for the Administrator
  7. Getting the Right Person in the Right Job with the Right Expectations
  8. Change is inevitable! How you deal with it is up to you.

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