Are you searching for an executive, manager or individual contributor for your company? If you are, it’s critical to find the right person. The success of your organization depends on your ability to uncover the best possible candidates, conduct well planned interviews, and make a confident final selection.

Patterson Enterprises Limited is experienced and dedicated to helping organizations identify, interview, evaluate and hire the best possible people. We invest the time to fully understand your unique needs, requirements and expectations. We use structured interview questions throughout the recruiting process to identify that one person who best fits your organizational culture.

How does Patterson Enterprises work for me?

Patterson Enterprises takes the burden of recruiting from your shoulders and prepares you for long-term success. To help you make your executive recruiting efficient and successful, we:

  • Interview people throughout the company; identify key competencies that distinguish top performers, craft job requirements and define required knowledge and skills that are unique to your organization for the job.
  • Prepare customized job descriptions based on established key competencies, knowledge base, and skills mix.
  • Search for and identify qualified candidates by managing the recruiting process:
    • Advertise, using our own professional network of candidates.
    • Phone screening initial set of candidates.
    • Identify candidates for first round of on-site interviews; manage logistics.
  • Help you manage interviews and hiring:
    • Coach company staff involved in hiring process on behavioral interviewing techniques.
    • Assist with final candidate selection and offer.
    • Facilitate “expectation” discussion between hiring manager and candidate.
  • Develop performance-management process that includes performance planning, on-going coaching, and performance reviews.
  • Monitor on-boarding process for the first 6 months on-the-job.

What's my investment?

Pricing varies with the range of services performed. We carefully assess needs before contracting and price separately for each project. This means you’ll always know the project scope and your costs up front.

How do I start?

To make Patterson Enterprises your recruiter, call Hal Patterson today at (303) 692-9588 or email him. Your request will get a quick response.

Patterson Enterprises, Ltd.  |  Denver, CO 80210  |  Phone: (303) 692-9588

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